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Sean McCafferty

Systems Administrator, IT Specialist

Residing in Pinellas County, FL

Education & Qualifications

St. Petersburg College | St. Petersburg, FL | 2006-2012

  • A.A. (Honors) – December 14, 2012
  • B.A.S. Technology Management – December 14, 2012

 Technical Proficiency and Expertise

  • Installed and managed Windows Server 2003 and 2012 in a business environment; studied Windows Server 2008 in college
  • Familiar with all editions of Windows 3.1-8.1, some NT; MS-DOS 5.0-6.22
  • Some Linux
  • Development skills:
    • C#, XNA/MonoGame
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, 2012
    • Some HTML/Web Design
  • Hardware Assembly, Repair

Professional Experience

IT Specialist, Shipping/Receiving, Sales, Customer Service | Safety Harbor, FL | 2004-Present

Functioned as primary Windows administer to maintain system services and performance while also being responsible for product assembly and shipping

Systems Administrator Roles:

  • Planned, acquired, and deployed Windows server replacement in 2006, workstation replacements in January of 2009, and complete server and workstation assembly and replacement in January of 2013.
  • Maintained and hosted the company web site.
  • Deployed Peachtree/Sage accounting  and migrated data between revisions.
  • Implemented remote access and firewall for Windows Server 2012.
  • Configured company email

Other Key Contributions:

  • Implemented local and offsite backup of company data
  • Established company presence on Amazon as a seller, managed e-commerce
  • Responsible for conflict resolution with ISP regarding service disruptions throughout 2013
  • Day-to-day user support
  • Printer maintenance