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Submitted for GBJam – July 14, 2013


Default: Palette Plus four alternate palettes



Description: Quintrius is an experimental concept best described as something between a space shooter and a block puzzle game.

-Avoid enemies while making lines from the falling blocks.
-Destroying blocks with your ship’s weapon will cost you points, so try to avoid destroying too many blocks before they reach the bottom of the screen. More lines cleared at once will yield an exponential point multiplier.
-Shoot the special blocks to release a health or shield powerup, or keep the special blocks in a cleared line to add to the point multiplier.
-Don’t let the screen fill up, otherwise the blocks will all rise upward!

The batteries are pretty low, so you’ll probably want to plug in an AC adapter. You can find one in “C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\Documents\SavedGames\Quintrius\SaveGame\AllPlayers\SavedGame0”. Post your high scores in a comment!

Genre: Action/Puzzle

Time taken: 15-25 hours

Engine: C#/XNA, uses the EasyStorage library for saved high scores

Download: Version 1.0 Download (windows) – 1.3mb


Coming (someday) to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile!